2013 – 2016 | Lamers Reinigingstechniek B.V.

Web designer / Graphic Designer
Wholesale for industrial cleaning machines and techniques. Here i supported the sales department. I designed and developed new and maintain existing websites, brochures, flyers and installation manuals.

2013 – 2014 | Reinigingspartner B.V.

Desktop Publisher / Graphic Designer
Wholesale for replacement parts of industrial cleaning machines. Photographing the entire assortment, cutting, editing and archiving the footage. To realize a professionally designed catalog and other advertising messages.

2011 – 2012 | Weekbladcombinatie Gelderland Overijssel

Desktop Publisher / Graphic Designer / CTP Operator
Prepress of various regional newspapers; editorial, advertorial, specials. Here i also was responsible to check the whole technical and content check and correct things in the final stage. After these checks i made all newspapers print-ready by sending the jobs to the CTP-platesetter. Then i compared all plates with their originals as a final check and deliver all before or exact on the deadline to the printing department. Activities have been terminated for bankruptcy.

2008 – 2010 | Weekbladcombinatie Gelderland Overijssel

Desktop Publisher / Graphic Designer / Coordinator Montferland Nieuws & Liemers Lantaren
Coordination, design and layout of various weekly regional newspaper titles. To get all pages, ads and specials done to deliver these in a timely manner to our printing department. Also i maintained contact with our sales agents for the well-timed delivery of advertisements.

2006 – 2007 | CreaMedia Televisie- & Multimedia

Multimedia Designer / Audiovisual Assistant
In this company my tasks were quite varied. For example, designing websites, web applications, instructional videos and programming all interactive ROMs. Also i was responsible for the camera, exposure and sound in the film studio and at other various locations. So it was possible to gain experience in different areas.

2002 – 2006 | Detachment through Tempo Team

Various functions as Graphic Designer / Desktop Publisher
Through this employment agency I worked in several companies; Desktop Publisher at the Grafische Service Doetinchem, Gelderse Weekbladpers Doetinchem and Achterhoek Nieuws Winterswijk.

2001 – 2002 | Te Mebel TV & Videoproducties

Multimedia Designer / Audiovisual Assistant
In this former one-man company, I gained a lot of experience working with cameras, audio- and video-editing. I created local TV-commercials, company videos and informative, educational and instructional videos. In addition, I designed and programmed various types of interactive CD-ROM projects.

2000 – 2001 | Wim ten Broeke Reclame Adviseurs

Webdesigner / Graphic Designer
My tasks were to design and create websites, modify existing sites, leaflets, brochures and other printed materials.

1999 – 2000 | Lukkien Digital Studios

Trainee New Media
Design new websites and maintain existing ones. I was responsible for the development of an interactive application for safety training from Akzo Nobel.

1999 | Senefelder Misset

Trainee DTP & Prepress
Here I was an intern at the Prepress department. Graphic productions such as trade journals, periodicals and magazines where produced here. In doing so I went through the complete prepress process, with CTF & CTP operating included.