“During his internship Twan soon proved to be a swift learner, an independent worker and a pleasant colleague. He was able to work out the (client) assignments not only correctly but also thinks along about the creative and technical aspects of the elaboration. For a trainee very special! ”

Leo van Snippenburg

Manager New Media, Lukkien Digital Studios

“Twan is a very creative and dedicated designer. He has a broad knowledge of a multidude of design programs and is dedicated to his work. It has been a pleasure to work with Twan.”

Luc Bouwman

Product Manager CT, Toshiba Medical Systems Europe

“Twan is an inspired Desktop Publisher. He constantly looks for solutions and has a great knowledge of the available programs.”

Lydia Ter Welle

Editor-in-chief Achterhoek Nieuws , WCGO Mediagroep

“Twan provided the layout of the ‘Huispagina’ for four housing corporations in the Achterhoek. A weekly newspaper which was distributed door-to-door with the current offer of buying and rental homes. It was very pleasant that Twan clearly communicates, pulls on time at the alarmbel and works precisely. This gives far less corrections and thus saves time. The layout of the ‘Huispagina’ was in good hands with Twan! ”

Evelien van der Veen

Communication Advisor, ProWonen

“Twan I know as a cheerful, spontaneous, friendly and easy-going person. He also has an effective and decisive approach and a very loyal attitude. If he goes for something, he goes over 100%. I’m proud of him. Brüderlein, thank you very much for the creative brainstorming sessions and shaping my website!”

Jennifer Elshof


“In the short period of time I worked with Twan, he impressed me as a hard worker with a lot of creativity. Always willing to move just that extra effort to meet a deadline.”

Jaap Veldhorst

Studio Manager, Webpublicity / Wim ten Broeke Reclame Adviseurs

“Thanks to Twan, I have a website that offers many features and is easy to maintain. Twan thinks along, picks up things quickly and stays calm. Very pleasant cooperation! ”

Susan Daams

Freelance Writer & Advisor, SUUS Communicatie

“I have experienced Twan as a good colleague who is always willing to do some extras. He has a good command of the programs and knowledge of the printing process.”

Sander Reesink

Desktop Publisher / Graphic Designer / Coordinator, WCGO Mediagroep

“In the two and a half year I have been working with Twan, I got to know Twan as an independent hard worker and as an inspired Desktop Publisher and Graphic Designer. Twan never let the creativity in his work go at the expense of a deadline. Because of his great knowledge of all the programs, Twan could perform his tasks not only correctly but he also thinks of all the creative and technical aspects needed for these tasks. His positive attitude and collegiality makes him a pleasant person to work with. In short, a very nice colleague.”

Frans Verlinden

Prepress & Quality Control, WCGO Mediagroep

“Twan has been a great colleague, he has a good work effort and certainly not a from 9.00 to 17.00 mentality.”

Natasja Bink

Division of Distributions, WCGO Mediagroep