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Eddy was sent to Java, Indonesia from 1948 to 1950 to fulfill his military duty in the Dutch army.

As a young soldier, during the Indonesian independence war he saw and experienced many terrible things. He corresponded a lot with his parents. During his stay in Indonesia his father died and that was a huge blow to Eddy. So far away and not can say goodbye to your father has been terrible. After fathers death, he wrote many letters to his mother which have been preserved. He told his family that he would like to go back to Java once again, but this has never happened. His grandson Twan, made for him a photo album based on the many preserved photographs and the text from Eddy’s diary, in which he recorded the journey and events of the time in the Dutch Indies. In his life, Eddy never spoke a lot about his time in Indonesia, but in the recent years the memories have come more upwards. This book is a valuable asset for Eddy and he greatly appreciated it.  The memories on him will last forever and are stored in our hearts.

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