Multi Professional Collaboration

Multi-professional collaboration for customized care about the collaboration between different healthcare professionals.

As client problems become more complex – and therefore care – the need for multi-professional echelon and disciplinary care and cooperation increases. This collaboration is needed to improve the quality of work processes and to make care rather than offer-oriented, more demand-oriented and tailor-made to the patient / client. Multidisciplinary collaboration is not always obvious, it requires dedication, concentration and consultations to break the barriers between professions. Using this interactive ROM you can delve into tasks and skills needed here.

In this interactive ROM are eight professional skills or competences with regard to multi-professional cooperation center:

  1. The start of a process of care closer look
  2. Putting together a tailored multi-professional care plan
  3. Analyzing a problem
  4. Discuss a value dilemma
  5. Providing instructions
  6. Conducting a consultation
  7. Lead an intervision meeting
  8. To improve the short-cyclical

These eight competencies are divided into five themes:

  1. From supply to demand-oriented care
  2. Design of the multi-professional care offer
  3. Coordination and continuity of care
  4. Care according to current insights
  5. Improve and anchor

Within the eight core professional skills is primarily focused on a particular aspect of the multi-professional collaboration. In addition, more general communication and collaboration skills are central.

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